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About Generation Hope Project®

Generation Hope Project®, an outreach of Joel Osteen Ministries, works with people from around the world to make a difference.

Often an opportunity to make a difference is right in front of us. It’s in the streets surrounding the local school, and it’s at the senior’s center. It’s in the cries of children who need a warm meal, it’s in the faces of disaster victims, and in the hearts of parents with a special needs child.

Actions speak louder than words. Generation Hope Project® seeks to change the circumstances of despair and disappointment through acts of love and compassion.

When you join with others who are taking part in this incredible move of compassion and restoration through Joel Osteen Ministries, you bring change and hope to communities in desperate need.

Sometimes it just takes one small act of kindness to forever change someone’s life. Be a part of the solution. Be a part of the change. Be the light of hope for this generation.

...Because YOU can change the world!


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  • Breaking Down Barriers with a Card and a Flower

    Naomi T., 2015 GenHoper

    When I heard I would be assigned to women's ministry, I expected to be ministering to women there at the church or in the building, but the City Impact women's ministry is a ministry like I've never seen. It was street ministry.


    When we went to the room, Katie from City Impact began to share stories of the women they help. She explained how, in that community, the women are looked down on. They are often in survival mode. They were the forgotten ones.


    Everyday, the City Impact team makes homemade cards and every card has a Bible verse with the address of the rescue mission. They also give out spring flowers with the cards.


    In the cards, we told them they were beautiful and special, something they never hear. We were able to share positive messages with them.


    Katie told stories of how the cards broke down barriers. The gifts make room. It softens many hearts. People who were fighting would become quiet as she walked through the street holding flowers. It made room for us as we gathered our homemade cards and flowers and literally walked the streets.


    Many of the women believe gifts have strings attached, so it's amazing how we had to convince them it was really free. They were so broken.


    Some asked why we were doing it and we simply said because we want to remind women they are beautiful and Jesus loves them. It was a powerful physical and emotional stand we took.


    I want to do this in Houston somehow. It was so simple, yet powerful. As a woman myself, I often feel broken by the world's standards and afraid sometimes. I too have trust issues. It reminded me that Jesus loves me and I don't have to worry or be afraid. I can trust Jesus to take care of me. I loved giving back to those women that way.


    Women's Ministry Letter

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  • A New Vision of Hope from Chef Scotty Campbell

    For the last three years, master chef and culinary expert Chef Scotty Campbell has been a supporter and volunteer for Generation Hope Project. He has taught us lessons in not only physical nourishment, but also the sustenance of the spirit. 


    His blend of food and fun make for exciting and entertaining food demonstrations at our partner food banks and his super-human strength in the kitchen results in masterpieces on a plate for hundreds in need of a hot meal. 


    During our most recent project in San Francisco, Chef Scotty presented his latest masterwork to our volunteers, a lemongrass and ginger quinoa summer salad, with a side of inspirational words about his definition of hope.


    Chef Scotty Campbell, 2015 GenHoper

    It's hard to talk about hope when it isn't a physical thing. So, we talk about hope as an acronym: 


    Help - The ability to get up every morning and look to the horizon for your day's journey.

    Optimism - The confidence to look for the most ambitious point on the horizon, and aim for it.

    Passion - The joy in the journey, because life is more about the journey than the destination.

    Energy - The fuel we need to get to our destination.


    With the right mix of each, you get hope. 


    Good food is a pathway to hope as it brings us the "E" that leads to the "H", the "O," and the "P." You can't be helpful, passionate, or optimistic on an empty stomach. 


    All foods can provide that energy and everything can be a super-food if produced naturally and consumed healthfully. God has worked so many miracles to make the food of this Earth and each is perfect in its creation. Tap into those miracles by eating whole foods. The closer to natural the meal is, the closer to God's intention for that food. 


    We all have one thing in common, when we finish a great meal we celebrate. It's time to rejoice in a new season of hope – help, optimism, passion, and energy. 


    Find your hope. Celebrate your hope. Eat well!

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  • A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

    This picture was taken during the special service we were having for the community at City Impact. Her name is Julissa.


    A friend of mine and I were sitting behind her when she started a conversation with us. I don't know much of her story, just that you could tell that she wanted someone to talk to.


    Just as I was leaving, I was overcome with the urge to pray for her, so I decided to stay. I went back over to her and asked for her permission to pray over her. Surprisingly, she asked to pray for me too, which is what you see the in the image. Once we both finished praying, we hugged and I think we both had tears in our eyes.


    Afterward, I overheard Julissa asking other volunteers about our blue GenHope Project bags. She wanted to know if they had any socks in them. She was in need, so I gave her mine.


    It was the most memorable part of my trip, as I know that God was able to use me to declare blessings over someone who needed Him so badly. God moved in me, so that He could move in someone else.


    God used her to bless me as well. The whole experience made me more sensitive to how others hurt and are in need of God's love.


    It was definitely something I'll never forget.


    Valentina M., 2015 GenHoper

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  • God Blesses You As You Bless Others

    When GenHope volunteers sign up to travel to another city and give of themselves for three days, most imagine the impact they will be making on the communities and people they will encounter. But, it is the shift that occurs within them that sometimes comes as a surprise.

    When you immerse yourself in another community and dedicate yourself to the pursuit of love, God gets in and you are changed forever.


    Lauri T., Pittsburg, CA (pictured above, far right)

    I'm not a very outspoken person, and I thought it would be a challenge to witness to people, but God had already paved the way.

    One woman was very lonely and said she was amazed someone would even talk to her. We asked her if she had any medical needs and, after tending to her, we asked if she knew where she would go if she died today. She responded, "Heaven!" and pointed to the sky. I then asked, "Can we tell you how you can have heaven inside here?" and I pointed to her heart. She said yes, confessed, and accepted Christ right there.

     I too am experiencing great loss in my life coming out of an abusive relationship, but here I got to give in my brokenness. Thank you Pastor Joel and Victoria for providing this opportunity, because we are coming back changed.


    Eva J., San Mateo, CA (via Patricia Medina)

    Eva shared with me that her husband who was with her to serve wasn't a Christian and she had been praying for him many years. We prayed over her and asked God for him to be moved by his volunteering.

    After the last day of serving, I asked them what was their most impactful moment. She said, "to have my husband with me serving." Her husband Marcos said he was grateful for what they have and realized the great need of others.

    Eva later texted me the following message: "My husband just told me that this is the first time in his 58 years of life that he has ever given back...and he has never felt so good. He said, 'Now I know why you do service work.' Thank you Osteen Ministries!!!" 

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  • GenHopers are the Light in Dark Places

    As believers, God asks us to serve those in need and we heed that call often. Whether by giving to a nonprofit, volunteering, or running for a cure, we have all taken a break from our busy lives in order to show others we care.

    But, GenHope is more than a service project. It’s a movement.

    For two days, hundreds of volunteers gather under the banner of hope on a mission to make change. The lost of this world believe God and their fellow man have forgotten them. They believe that they are no longer worthy of love and respect. When you look in their eyes, you see the longing for acceptance, dignity, and, above all else, hope. They want so badly to be seen, but this ever-quickening world leaves them behind without pause.

    GenHope is that pause.

    When our volunteers venture into the desperate places and join hands with organizations fighting this daily fight, we show the world that these people are not forgotten and we show those in turmoil that they are not alone. We are willing to stand with them and pray for them.

    “If God sent us to you, then that means He is thinking of you.”
    - Patricia M.


    “He just asks us to be willing. Just as Isaiah said, we need to say, "Here I am God send me." Instead of waiting on other people, we need to take the initiative. Be fearless is my motto!”
    - Naomi T.


    If there is a battle against the darkness, then Generation Hope Project is on the front lines.

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  • GenHope Project 2015 Partner Spotlight: San Francisco City Impact

    GenHope has always partnered with innovative organizations, but what San Francisco City Impact has created on behalf of the residents in inner city San Francisco's Tenderloin District is beyond extra-ordinary.  

    City Impact offers RELIEF for those in urgent need, REHABILITATION for those wanting a way out, and DEVELOPMENT to ensure the cycles of poverty and despair are not repeated. What started with a handful of God-led individuals 30 years ago, has now grown to include City Academy school, and five major service departments with 16 weekly programs housed in multiple sites across the Tenderloin. City Impact staff live and work in the community and are thoroughly embedded and invested in the well-being of the people that live there.

    The GenHope and City Impact team have incredible projects planned for August aimed at reaching into the community on a person-to-person level. GenHope volunteers will be preparing and delivering food for community residents, street canvassing, assisting in a special event for the Tenderloin community, and building a special needs room for City Academy students.

    For more information visit

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  • GenHope Project 2015 Partner Profile: Alameda County Community Food Bank

    Feeding people spiritually is of the utmost importance, but sometimes feeding people physically can be just as important to the health of the individual and the communities were they live.

    Since its inception, GenHope has placed providing food to those living in poverty as a primary goal. In an effort to meet that goal, GenHope partners with a local food bank every year. GenHope's 2015 food bank partner, Alameda County Community Food Bank, has been in working since 1985 towards the day when they can go out of business. Through a network of strategically placed member agencies - food pantries, soup kitchens, child care centers, senior centers, after-school programs and other community-based organizations - the Food Bank distributes enough food for 380,000 meals weekly totaling over 25 million meals per year.

    GenHope volunteers will assist with sorting and distributing meals to ACCFB clients, and GenHope volunteer Chef Scottie will be coducting food demonstrations on site.

    For more information visit

    Image courtesy of Alameda County Community Food Bank

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  • GenHope Project 2015 Partner Profile: Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

    Generation Hope Project is known around the world for its dedication to hope through service and Habitat for Humanity is known for its dedication to hope through housing, so it is of no surprise that Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco will partner with GenHope for this year's volunteer effort.  

    Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco provides local families with a springboard to secure stable futures through affordable homeownership, financial literacy, and neighborhood revitalization. Habitat Greater San Francisco provides a hand-up, not a hand-out, for families in desperate need of improved living conditions and Generation Hope Project is looking forward to joining in that effort.

    GenHope volunteers will be working at two Habitat Greater San Francisco sites this year. Mt. Burdell Place in Novato, the first new affordable housing development built by Habitat in Marin County and Habitat Terrace, Habitat Greater San Francisco's largest city development.

    For more information visit

    For more information visit

    Image courtesy of Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

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  • The Spirit of the Servant

    As we develop and strengthen our daily relationship and walk with Christ, we awaken to the understanding of how important it is to live a life filled with love for others that transcends their faults, weaknesses and shortcomings. It is a maturity that allows us to reach out to others at the point of their need without judgment or condemnation. It is more the like the vision God himself has for each of us, which looks beyond our sin and provides us with unconditional love that heals our spirit. 

    As followers of Jesus, we should embrace opportunities and seize moments to be His hands and feet. These instances may not always seem sumptuous or grand in physical appearance, but the impact of our service to those in need is immeasurable.

    Recently, I received a text message from a friend I have been serving in an attempt to gradually lead him to Christ. His message was a simple, "Hello bro. I was just checking on you and I wanted to let you know I found God." I took a moment to rejoice in his salvation and began to reflect on the times I invited him to my home, fed him, or provided him with shelter, but more importantly witnessed to him about Jesus changing my life. I wasn't aggressive or overbearing - a lot of times we hung out, watching tv or playing basketball - I just chose to be his friend and believed God would be visible through our interactions.

    They say, when you're given lemons, make lemonade. Let's take that one step further and serve the lemonade to those who thirst.

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  • Chef Scotty Campbell at Total Life Challenge - Sunday, January 18!

    Join us at the Total Life Challenge at Lakewood Church along with Generation Hope Project where we are partnering with Healthcorps this month through Sunday, February 22, 2015, to assist families in creating a lifestyle of healthy living in all areas of their lives: Mind, Body and Spirit.


    This coming Sunday, our friend celebrity Chef Scotty Campbell will be preparing healthy, delicious, 30-minute meals that make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Scotty will also have samples of his product Sweet Marie, a low calorie, lactose-free frozen indulgence.


    You may remember Chef Scotty from our Miami service event, where he showed families who received food from the food bank how to prepare it in the most nutritious, efficient ways, as well as trained underprivileged young men on how to prepare food to start their own (now very successful) food truck enterprise!


    Chef Scotty will again be joining us in San Francisco to work with Healthcorps in the Bay Area. Hope you can join us at Lakewood and at the Generation Hope Project events this year! 


    If you attended Sunday's TLC event with GenHope, wear your dark GenHope stadium t-shirts to greet Chef Campbell!


    Total Life Challenge will take place this weekend:


    Sunday, January 18, 2015

    5:30-7:00pm at Lakewood Church

    Mission Control (3rd Floor)


    Don't forget to wear your dark Generation Hope Project t-shirts!


    See you this weekend!


    About Chef Scotty Campbell


    Chef Scotty Campbell started his quest for this culinary artistry in the kitchens of Houston's best restaurants. 


    Chef Scotty continues his work with the American Diabetes Association developing a culinary lifestyle guide to those who are challenged with diabetes or cardiovascular disease, highlighting his insightful approach to stress-free meal planning both at home and on the road. This passion has culminated in the development of a groundbreaking new product called "Sweet Marie" that will convert our culture's most sought-after indulgence – ice cream- into the healthiest bite of the day!


    Scotty continues to receive rave reviews from many celebrities, including Beyoncé Knowles, Jewel, Robin Williams, Prince, Sir Elton John, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Ron Howard, the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, Britney Spears, Luciano Pavarotti, Walter Cronkite, Willie Nelson, Lenny Kravitz, Joe Cocker, Toby Keith & Rolling Stones and other local Texas celebrities.

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  • The Presents in Your Presence

                As the "baby" of my family, it seems that every Christmas, my parents pull out all the stops for my Christmas presents. I was always the sibling who got the most gifts from our parents, and they were usually the most expensive. I can, however, remember a Christmas when I didn't get much…

                It was the Christmas after I had been in the hospital about 3 weeks. My mother and father had both taken an awful lot of time off of work to switch off being with me and making sure I was taken care of, even after I got out of the hospital and returned home. I felt bad because they had to miss so much work, but I was so grateful that they had the option to do so, and that, as my parents, they chose to do so.

                I have heard of parents who, when their children become adults, let their children go through life with no parental support. Their children are expected to handle life as if they almost didn't have parents. Mine never acted that way, and I know I can always depend on them if I, like most young adults, have no idea what I'm doing at some point or another.

                Remembering what my parents had done that year made it completely fine that they didn't shower me with presents. They were there when it mattered, and that was greater than any material present they could've ever given me. There is no amount of money greater than someone being there for you.

                It's the same when we participate in any kind of service. You may not have millions of dollars to give to charity. You may not even be able to buy groceries for a family in need. But you can be there for someone who may not have a family with which to celebrate the holiday season, and you can make sure the people you usually just walk by without saying anything, get a warm smile and a "Merry Christmas." You may never know how much it means to them.

                This year, if you can't give a tangible gift to someone for Christmas, let the present be in your presence.

    - HRC

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