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About Generation Hope Project®

Joel Osteen Ministries' Generation Hope Project® brings together hundreds of volunteers from around the world to share hope with communities across the country.

Generation Hope Project volunteers led by Jackelyn Viera Iloff, travel each year to a city in the United States as part of Pastor Joel Osteen’s America’s Night of Hope outreach events.

Now in its sixth year, Generation Hope Project® volunteers have worked with dozens of local community organizations, have donated thousands of volunteer hours, and have blessed countless families and individuals in major metropolitan areas.

This outreach is more than a service project. Generation Hope Project® seeks to change the circumstances of despair and disappointment through acts of love that will leave a lasting legacy of hope!

When you join with us, you become part of a group of people on a mission and get to witness first-hand this ever-growing movement of hope through service.

Be a part of the solution. Be a part of the change. Be the light of hope for this generation.

...Because YOU can change the world!


Generation Hope Project® Detroit

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Generation Hope Project® Miami

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Generation Hope Project® New York

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Generation Hope Project® San Francisco - Alameda County Community Food Bank

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Generation Hope Project® San Francisco - City Impact Event

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Generation Hope Project® San Francisco - Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

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Generation Hope Project® Washington D.C.

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  • Generation Hope Project 2016 Detroit Recap Video!

    Over 300 Generation Hope Project volunteers signed up for a weekend of service in communities across Detroit. Though only there for a few days, their impact will be felt for years to come. Here's a recap of the great work done this year.


    See you in Atalnta 2017!!




    Generation Hope Project 2016 Detroit from Generation Hope Project on Vimeo.

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  • Run With God

    Proverbs 4:12: When you walk, your steps will not be hindered, and when you run, you will not stumble. 


    First steps are always the most challenging. As babies we enjoyed the safety of our mother's and father's arms. But, inevitably we felt the need and the strength to take our first steps as toddlers into a vast world of our own, a wide open world with all sorts of interesting things to explore and enjoy. Those first steps also involved a few tumbles and bumps, but there were hands guiding and securing our course. Our Heavenly Father is just like that with each of us and our next "first steps." 


    Many of us have God-sized dreams in our hearts. Those dreams prompt us to action, but those first steps require faith, faith to trust in the hands of guidance God will provide. Embrace the journey with this confidence, first you will learn to walk in your calling with confidence, next you will run. 


    What first steps are you considering today? What dreams has God planted in your heart? Trust in the Lord and walk with the confidence of His presence, leading and love.

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  • Walking In Encouragement

    It is common after having such an exciting, fulfilling experience, like Generation Hope Project in Detroit, to have a post-event time of reflection. The spiritual beauty of new relationships, impacting experiences and joy is something we all want to hold onto in our walk with Christ. You may wonder what is next in your world. How can you continue to be a world changer everyday?


    David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. 1 Samuel 30: 6


    Being surrounded and serving alongside hundreds of focused volunteers is truly life changing. The power of all those hearts united together to be the hands of Christ creates a desire for more of Him and more focused purpose. This is the place where we must individually seek God in faith for next steps. He knows our hearts and wants to see us be a blessing, to find more opportunities to activate our world with the HOPE of Christ.


    Spending focused time in prayer and waiting patiently in His presence will give you the guidance you need. He is waiting for that fellowship with you. He has big plans for you. You are needed and honored in His Kingdom. Keep Generation Hope Project on your 2017 calendar. We want you to be the first to know where GenHope will serve next. We look forward to hearing your personal stories in the coming months of victory through service. Be encouraged!

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  • Detroit Finds Hope with GenHope Project

    To all Generation Hope Project volunteers we want to say Thank You! We have been overwhelmed with the response to the trip from you the volunteers and from the Detroit community. It was a rich harvest of hearts and lives changed by your service. As we review the posts and photos you have shared, it is clear that God spoke to you and through you. This is our sincere desire and of Pastors Joel and Victoria. The smiles of the children on the playgrounds, the artists celebrating their gift of the murals, the music that filled the soccer field, fun at the softball game, the sandwiches delivered, and the children in the hospital who were blessed by toys and games, allow us to share the love Jesus has for all of us! May He fill you with a fresh spirit and show you anew His great pleasure in you.


    Thank you for your testimony! -


    "Thank you for providing such a wonderful vehicle to fellowship and to be able to participate in something that helped improve my hometown. Usually it's the Host that is cleaning and preparing for our visitor not the other way around :), I also want to make a Declaration for all of my Christian Brother's, Sisters, Believers and Non-Believers that WE/The Community of DETROIT as well as Metro Detroit will have MORE Compassion, Patience, Understanding, Respect, & Love for each other. It was such a breath of fresh air to be in the company of CHEERFUL GIVER'S, And to be around such strong prayer and declarations over precious life here in Detroit that needs more ACTS OF KINDNESS, the RECOGNITION OF THOSE who live their lives DAY to DAY giving and trying to make a difference, Inspiration of Love RESPECT, Compassion Hope and Love, not only for our young but All of Us!" Maria


    Thoughts from our Community Partners -

    "We are so grateful to Generation Hope Project for spending the day with us yesterday. We are grateful for your positivity, encouragement and your presence in Detroit. The great work you are doing around the country is unparalleled and we are thankful to have been apart of this project." SAY Detriot Play Center

    "We were honored to have Generation Hope Project volunteers from all over the world with us for two days helping in several areas within : They helped to beautify a park in the North End neighborhood, in partnership with Central Detroit Christian CDC and they also assisted with landscaping, boarding-up and cleaning-up in Morningside, Detroit. Thank You for all that you were able to accomplish." Habitat for Humanity Detroit


    We hope you are blessed by these words of encouragement and know that our prayers are with you in this new season. We will continue to write to you on this page and keep you updated of what is new with Generation Hope Project as we get ready for next year.



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  • Purpose: Day 5
    Day 5
    Today's the day.  Generation Hope Project 2016  begins today.  Pray without ceasing that God moves in a mighty way. Our goal is leave the communities of Detroit better than the way we found them.  We know that through God all things are possible.  You are ready!
    When GenHope Project is over and you are headed home, take the prayer requests and the testimonies home with you and continue to pray over them after the project. God sent those words to your ears so you can be the bridge between despair and transformation.  
    Have a wonderful GenHope Project and thank you for serving Detroit!
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  • Purpose: Day 4
    Day 4
    "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5
    It is not a coincidence that you are heading to Detroit. You are in the right place at the right time. God knows you have the tools needed for this work and He only sends His best. You and your fellow 300+ volunteers are exactly the people He wants in Detroit this week.  Your Father knows you and He is very intentional with your life.  Through your hard work great things will happen in communities across the city, because He designed you for this moment.  Time to praise Him!
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  • Purpose: Day 3
    Day 3
    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28
    With every Generation Hope Project, we seek to address the needs of the city we are working in, no matter how dire the circumstances. The darkness we encounter never sways us, because we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God. We serve with our hands, but we also serve when we share our hope.  It's the hope we share , in the wonder working God we serve,  that breaks chains and brings transformation.  This is our purpose in Detroit and together we will see Jesus impact this city. 
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  • Purpose: Day 2
    Day 2
    But for this purpose I have raised you up, to show you my power, so that my name may be proclaimed in all the earth. Exodus 9:16
    Never underestimate the power of a group of like-minded individuals on the same mission. There is a popular quote, "Find your people, find your purpose."  The mission God has designed for you will be lived out through community together.  Notice the spelling of community.  You've "come" and you will experience "unity" as you serve together. God has placed you where you are for a purpose.  Detroit will be impacted as together we walk in our purpose and proclaim Christ. 
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  • Purpose: Day 1
    Day 1
    There is a lot of discussion in our world about purpose. At some point in all our lives we realize that we want to make a difference. It's natural for the Holy Spirit to stir up our hearts with purpose. 
    Group Prayer
    • Pray that through this experience in Detroit that we not only fulfill the purpose God has for each of us, but we help the people and organizations of this city move forward in theirs.
    • Pray for fresh revelation daily of the day's priorities. 
    • Pray for the tenacity to stay ready, willing, and able to do the work we are here to do.
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  • Power: Day 5
    Day 5
    Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:10-12
    There are days we all struggle.  Sometimes the world can be harsh and challenging.  Each of us have a Heavenly Father who is always available and who holds the universe in His hands.  He is a good father.  His provides us with all we need to stand the ground, take the territory and resist the enemy.  The Word is powerful.  It is transformational truth. Let us not forget who we are and whose we are. Put on your full armor of God and walk in the power of His might.  
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  • Power: Day 4

    Day 4

    He rescues and he saves; he performs signs and wonders from the heavens and on the earth. He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions. Daniel 6:27

    Sometimes we doubt our strength. We think the world has won and we can't do anything to stop the advance of the enemy. But, God says we have the victory, now and forever more. Just like Daniel was saved from the lion's den, so God protects us from the attacks of the enemy. He is our sword and shield, and He is our deliverer. No matter what the world throws at us, our God is greater. You'll see His hand of victory in Detroit and be ready to share the testimonies you have gathered of the God who delivers and saves.

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  • Power: Day 3

    Day 3

    For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

    The power of God is with you. We all can walk in His strength daily, all we need do is submit to His Word and His guidance. He is sending us on a mission and no matter what we are assigned to do, know that His everlasting power flows from heaven through your hands and onto the people of the community who need His hope. Your good works glorify God and shine light on His powerful lovingkindness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generation Hope Project®?

Generation Hope Project, an outreach of Joel Osteen Ministries led by Jackelyn Viera Iloff, brings together hundreds of volunteers from around the world to activate hope, hearts, and communities through service.

In conjunction with Pastor Joel's America's Night of Hope stadium event, and in partnership with local community organizations, Generation Hope Project volunteers travel to select cities to participate in multiple service projects over two days.

Will I be able to attend America’s Night of Hope?

If you are a registered volunteer for Generation Hope Project AND participate in the two days of service projects, you will receive one (1) complimentary ticket to attend the event with special seating. The complimentary ticket is for your admission only. You may purchase additional tickets in separate seating while they last at

Will I be able to meet Pastors Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen?

The Generation Hope Project team’s main focus is on the organizations we are there to support and the people we are there to serve. We do extend an invitation to both Pastors Joel and Victoria to join us at our worksites and we do endeavor to provide a chance for our volunteers to meet them, but we cannot guarantee a meet and greet or photo opportunity.

Is there an upper age limit?

There is no upper age limit. Please note, volunteer participation may consist of activities including but not limited to lifting/moving heavy objects, engaging in strenuous outside manual labor, and/or participating in activities with similar demands and/or risks. Each person is responsible for his or her own safety and supervision.

What if I want to register a group, or more than one person?

To ensure that we have a complete record of all registrants, we are asking each person to register individually.

We do not offer group registration, but we will do our best to assign members of the same group together. If you would like your group to be assigned to the same worksite location, please have each member note the name of your organization or company on the registration form where it asks for organization or company affiliation.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept credit card payments through our online system, which is the easiest method available.

To pay by check, please visit the Lakewood Church Bookstore, 3700 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77027 during regular business hours. If you would like to pay by check, but are not in the Houston area, please mail checks to Lakewood Church, Attn: Suky Arriaga, P.O. Box 56407 Houston, TX 77256. You can also email [email protected] or call 713-491-5181 to speak to a member of our team.

Are you having trouble completing your online registration?

It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer version 9 or newer, Google Chrome, Safari, or FireFox web browsers to register. If you experience technical difficulty registering online for Generation Hope Project, please email us at [email protected] for assistance.

How do I get confirmation of my registration?

You will receive an email confirmation once you complete your online registration and pay the required administrative fee. The email will also contain your payment confirmation number, which you must retain to access your registration information.

What do I do if my registration information changes (i.e. email, phone, address, etc.)?

1) Visit our Registration Homepage and follow the prompts to the Project Summary Page.
2) Click the “My Registration” tab in the upper left corner.
3) Enter the email address you supplied during registration and your confirmation number.
4) You should now have access to your account and are able to make the necessary changes.

If you experience technical difficulty, please email us at [email protected] for assistance.

Where do I find my confirmation number?

Your confirmation number is included in the confirmation email sent to you upon completion of your registration and payment of the $35.00 registration fee.

What happens if I cancel after the deadline?

Your fees will be directly applied to Generation Hope Project activities. Once we order t-shirts, lunches, and transportation, those fees are non-refundable to us.

What do I do if I need to make individual flight and hotel arrangements?

To ensure each of our volunteers is able to arrange the best possible airfare and hotel rates, our volunteers are responsible for making their own travel and lodging arrangements.

If I live in the project city, how will I get to my assigned project work site?

You may use your own vehicle or public transportation to and from your assigned project work sites.

When will we know our project assignment?

Registered participants will be notified via e-mail the name of their Team Leader and their project assignment prior to the event. Assignments will not be confirmed until after registration closes, so we ask for your patience and understanding.

Can I choose what work site I want?

Volunteer assignments are made depending on the need of our partner organizations. We ask that you remain flexible. If you have any medical conditions that would limit the type of work you can participate in, you will need to email [email protected] with that information.

Will there be handicap access for this event?

Please note that participation in Generation Hope Project is strictly voluntary. Such participation may consist of strenuous activity, including but not limited to lifting/moving heavy objects; engaging in outside manual labor; and/or participating in activities with similar demands and/or risks. Participants are responsible for their own safety and supervision.

Will there be childcare?

No childcare will be provided. Due to the nature of the work, children may be at risk and cannot be accommodated. No unregistered individuals are allowed to participate or allowed on the worksites.

How can I donate to Generation Hope Project?

If you are registering as a Generation Hope Project volunteer, a donation page will appear at the end of your registration form. You are free to make any additional contributions on that page.

If you are not registering for Generation Hope Project but would only like to make a donation to the project, please email [email protected] to speak to a member of our team regarding sponsorship.


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